Betting in the UK

Majority of the firms in the UK use fractional odds. The odds represent the probability that an event will happen. They are written using a slash (/) or a hyphen (-). To comprehend it better, let us take an example of a fractional odd of 4/1 which is read as four-to-one. Assuming this to be in terms of dollars, it means that you will get proceeds of $4 and $1 that you used to wager. Therefore, in total you will get $5. This implies that if you stake $10, you will get 10*(4+1) =$50.

How Likelihood Works

An odd is the chance that an event will take place which is usually expressed as a fraction. They can be converted into decimals and fractions. One can check the proceeds they are likely to get by working out the available chances.

Odds and Betting in the UK

How to Comprehend Odds

If you have the likelihood, it is possible to know how likely that event is. Using the likelihood of 9/1 can be worked out as follows; 1/(9+1)=0.10. This therefore means that here is 10% probability of the event happening. To comprehend how likelihood works, let’s take an example of football between Arsenal and Manchester City. Arsenal has a chance of 7/2 to win while Manchester City has a chance of 4/5 to win. In case of a draw, the chances are 3/1 in the same betting firm. The above chances imply the following;

Betting in the UK

For Arsenal to win at Home with 7/2 odds, their percentage likelihood of wining is 22.22%. For the two teams to draw with the odds being 3/1, the chances of drawing are 25%. Finally, for Manchester to win while away with the odds of 4/5, they have a probability percentage of wining of 55.56%. Out of the above probabilities, the total probabilities are 102.78%.

What is a matched betting UK

A matched betting is a method that makes use of mathematics with a guarantee of profit from the many free bets given by betting companies. Many bookmakers like sportpesa or betsafe will advertise these promotions especially when there are great matches to be played. This is an incentive to attract many people to bet with a particular company. For instance, they advertise, “Place a stake of £10 and get £10 free bet.”

How to Do Matched Betting UK

There are several terminologies in betting but you don’t need to know all of them. All you need to know are the necessary steps to take. The first terminology is ‘back’ bet. For instance, if you place a bet that Arsenal will win, it is a back bet. In this case, if Arsenal wins, then you win. Incase Arsenal draw or lose, then you lose your stake.

The other terminology is the ‘lay’ bet. This is a bet where one bets that against particular outcome. For instance, one can bet that Arsenal will not win. In case they lose, you win and in case they win, then you lose.

How to Make Money Sports Betting UK

There are many sports you can make money from. Among them are football, tennis, cricket and horse racing. There are no correct or wrong sports that you can bet on. The critical thing is how well you can analyze and predict the results of any sports. In case your objective is just winning a bet, then it is wise to pick short odds.

How Many Betting Sites in UK

In the UK, there are many betting sites which have different incentives for new customers. In this article, we will highlight the first five best betting sites for new customers from the most preferred. The first one is Bet365 which has a new welcome offer, second is Betfair with five £20 free bets, third is Ladbrokes with £50 matched free bet, fourth is 10Bet with £100 deposit bonus and the fifth is UniBet which has £30 free bonuses cash.

Betting Firms in UK that Operate in America

There are several UK betting firms that operate n US. They are licensed to operate America. Some of them include Paddy Power, Betfair, Coral and William Hill. When choosing which firm to ubet, confirm that it is licensed, regulated and legal to operate in the US territories.

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